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Top chefs: Meet Dominique Crenn

Top chefs: Meet Dominique Crenn

30. Juni 2022 - Uqonic Chefs

Top chef Dominique Crenn’s list of achievements is long: 3 MICHELIN Stars, winner of the World’s 50 Best Icon Award, James Beard Foundation Awards of Best Chef, two restaurants in San Francisco, and an inspiring episode in the successful Netflix series ‘Chef’s Table’. Crenn refers to herself as a rebel chef, and we are so proud to have her on board. Meet Dominique Crenn: one of the world’s top chefs.

Atelier Crenn

As the co-owner and chef of Atelier Crenn, Dominique Crenn has attracted food lovers worldwide. In her view, the establishment does not carry her name. To her, it’s her father’s name decorating the restaurant’s walls (like his paintings adorn the interior), while at the same time honouring her French background. The restaurant was awarded its first MICHELIN Star within a year after opening.

If you can experience her ode to culinary poetry (she calls it: poetic culinaria), expect to taste the chef’s heritage with iconic dishes with abadone (marine snails), wagyu meat, caviar, and more - in the most delicious and aesthetically appealing way.

Petit Crenn

In 2015, top chef Dominique Crenn opened her second restaurant: petit in name but grand in wine offering and small accompanying bites. Described as light and very French, Petit Crenn is a wine bar that serves you top-quality oysters and champagne, quiche and salad, tarte Normande and other carefully sourced and prepared dishes. But visitors may be surprised because the menu is ever-changing while its authentic French character remains.

The Crenn experience at home

Visiting San Francisco to dine in Atelier Crenn or Petit Crenn is not in the stars for everyone, but if you can, we know for sure that you will have a memorable experience. If for whatever reason this is not possible, don’t worry because with Uqonic Chefs you can still enjoy tasting menus by Dominique Crenn when you are in the UK or Zurich. Explore our platform and choose your favourite premium dinner box for a fine dining experience to remember in the comfort of your home.

Crenn - Image - Atelier Crenn
Crenn - Image - Petit Crenn
Chef Achievements Dominique Crenn - Image


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