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Who is MICHELIN star chef Dominique Crenn?

Who is MICHELIN star chef Dominique Crenn?

20. April 2022 - Uqonic Chefs

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Growing up in France in an environment that celebrated fine dining, Dominique Crenn developed a love for the culinary arts from an early age. It would be a dream for many to become a chef in the top culinary country in the world, but Dominique decided to head to San Francisco to start her formal training to become a chef. In 2011 Crenn opened Atelier Crenn as an ode to what she calls ‘poetic culinaria’. The restaurant was awarded its first MICHELIN Star within a year. In November 2018, Dominique Crenn became the first female chef in the US to receive 3 MICHELIN Stars.

Dominique Crenn’s Restaurant: Atelier Crenn***

Dominique Crenn’s 3 MICHELIN Star restaurant Atelier Crenn opened in 2011 and embodies the artistry of fine dining. The San Francisco based establishment is famous for being a serene escape from the city, where its guests can reconnect to nature. Atelier Crenn is an invitation to the chef’s most intimate world, with paintings of her father hanging on the walls, serving dishes inspired by her childhood memories in France.

Crenn - Dish - Fondue Cheese Tart
Crenn - Dish - Truffle Millefeuille with Mushroom and Truffle Sauce
Crenn - Dish - Beet Chip with Vadouvan Cream

How Dominique Crenn’s menus are made

Dominique Crenn and their team designed a completely new menu around our Uqonic Chefs home dinner box concept. The menus are based on the availability of local vegetables, with vegetarians in mind.

Dominique Crenn wanted to develop achievable, elegant, simple, but classy dishes. She believes that Uqonic Chefs customers should be able to re-create her menus without problems.

Crenn’s created mixed season dishes that promote healthy eating. That is one of her missions in life after she suffered from cancer. She wanted to promote the vegetable in all its forms and show people what you can do with it. This has resulted in surprising tastes, with exciting herbs and spices while using molecular gastronomy to her advantage.


Uqonic Chefs tasting menus are the best way to get acquainted with the chefs’ gastronomic dinner boxes. Pick a menu from any star chef and opt for either a 5- or 3-course menu. All dishes are freshly prepared for your iconic home dining experience. The gastronomic meal delivery kits only require your finishing touch. By following the easy preparation and styling instructions you can enjoy a unique dinner at home.

Do you fancy mixing and matching your own courses à la carte, or do you prefer a special selection box? It is all up to you.

Uqonic Chefs offers Signature Menus that consist of courses with meat, poultry and/or fish. For vegetarians we offer plenty of delicious options, ready for you to discover.


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Grünes Menü Für eine
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