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Pesce Azzuro

BY PEPPE GUIDA - A dish that’s anchored in Peppe Guida’s childhood memories. Sea bass reminds him of his grandmother and how she used to prepare it. This dish is the perfect synthesis of the Mediterranean diet according to Peppe.

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  • Boil water in a pot with a pinch of salt and a teaspoon of olive oil. To add extra flavour, you can add thyme or laurel if available at home. When the water boils, remove the pot from the heat. Carefully take the sea bass out of the bag and place it in the water. Cover the pan with a lid and leave the fish inside for 8-10 minutes.
  • In the meantime, fill another pot with water and let it boil. Once boiled, reduce the flame to a gentle simmer and place the mashed potato inside (in its bag) for 10 minutes.
  • Squeeze the mashed potato from the bag in the centre of a flat plate in a horizontal way.
  • Remove the sea bass from the water and dry it carefully with a paper towel. Once dried, shred a bit of the sea bass and place it on top of the mashed potato, covering it completely.
  • Sprinkle the sea bass with the chamomile powder.
  • Garnish the sea bass with edible flowers and baby leaves and drizzle the citrus dressing on top of the whole dish.

    Sea bass, mashed potato, baby leaves and frisee salad, citrus dressing, chamomile powder.


    2 pots (for hot water), kitchen tweezers, scissors, 2 spoons, teaspoon.


    Flat plate.


    15 minutes.


    Fish. All dishes are prepared in kitchens where all of the 14 declared allergens are present and therefore we cannot rule out cross contamination.

    Gut zu wissen

    Best to consume within 24 hours. Please pay attention and store the right items in the fridge. Please note: the precise storage in the fridge must be at max +5°C. The dishes and recipes cannot be changed on request.

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