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Assiette Grand Dessert for two

BY SIMON HULSTONE - A dessert meant for sweet-tooth connoisseurs. Simon Hulstone has got you covered with his favourite desserts all on one plate to share. With lemon tart, choux bun, mille feuille and hot chocolate fondant.

Wie vorbereiten?



  • Take the dessert components out of the fridge.
  • Cut a small hole in the end of all piping bags. At 1 o’clock on the plate, pipe a small amount of vanilla custard and place a piece of the puff pastry discs on top. Pipe five evenly spaced small dots of vanilla custard on the plate, then repeat the process filling the gaps with strawberry gel.
  • Place another piece of puff pastry discs and repeat the process. Dust the top of the final piece of puff pastry discs with strawberry powder. Now you can pipe 3 small dots of the remaining strawberry gel in a triangle shape. Place the fresh strawberry in the centre of the triangle.
  • Place the chocolate fondant in the preheated oven for 8 minutes (at 180 C).
  • Place the lemon tart at 7 o’clock with the pointed end towards the centre of the plate. Place the creme fraiche on the top. Place the meringue shard on top with the powdered verbena side pointing up.
  • Take the walnut caramel out using a spoon. Put one measured tablespoon of about 3 cm diameter at 11 o’clock on the plate.
  • Cut a small hole in the piping bag with coffee cream. Pipe the cream into the base of the profiterole. Place the profiterole on top of the walnut caramel.
  • Take the chocolate fondant out of the oven and carefully place it at 4 o’clock.

    Chocolate fondant, lemon tart, meringue shard, profiterole, walnut caramel, puff pastry discs, strawberry gel, strawberry powder, vanilla custard, fresh strawberry, coffee cream, cr me fra che.


    Oven, scissors, palette knife, teaspoon, kitchen tweezers, spoon.


    Flat plate.


    10 minutes.




    Egg, soya, wheat (gluten), milk, nut (pistachio), nut (walnut). All dishes are prepared in kitchens where all of the 14 declared allergens are present and therefore we cannot rule out cross-contamination.

    Gut zu wissen

    Best to consume within 24 hours. Please pay attention and store the right items in the fridge. Please note: the precise storage in the fridge must be at max +5°C. The dishes and recipes cannot be changed on request.

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