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Looking for Mother’s Day gift ideas?

Looking for Mother’s Day gift ideas?

1 April 2022 - Uqonic Chefs

Are you looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift? Perfumes and skincare products are great, but if you are anything like us, you will agree that the best gifts are experiences. We are even backed by science, as research shows that experiential gifts tend to be more emotionally evocative.

So, when you are hunting for that unique gift to make your Mother’s day special, consider something that does not only look amazing and tastes out of this world, but also something that you could do together, or that she can enjoy with her partner or friend. We are talking about a Uqonic Chefs experience of course, and today we want to inspire you to give your mother a culinary experience to remember.

Mother’s Day gift tip 1: Giftcards

Let us present you with a few options. If you visit our platform you will find a range of gift cards varying in value from CHF 50 to 250. After you select your gift of choice, your gift card will be delivered in an elegant black and golden envelope ready for gifting.

Gift card 50 - Zurich
Gift card 100 - Zurich
Gift card 150 - Zurich
Gift card 200 - Zurich
Gift card 250 - Zurich

Mother’s Day gift tip 2: Uqonic Chefs dinner box

Do you want to take it a step further? Then we have another idea for you. How about ordering one of our tasting menus or à la carte dishes and surprising your mother with an unexpected restaurant experience at home?

Uqonic Chefs tasting menus are the best way to get acquainted with the chefs’ gastronomic dinner boxes. Pick a menu from any star chef and opt for either a 5- or 3-course menu. All dishes are freshly prepared for your iconic home dining experience. The gastronomic meal delivery kits only require your finishing touch. By following the easy preparation and styling instructions you can enjoy a unique dinner at home.

Do you fancy mixing and matching your own courses à la carte, or do you prefer a special selection box? It is all up to you to decide what to order.

Uqonic Chefs offers Signature Menus that consist of courses with meat, poultry and/or fish. For vegetarians we offer plenty of delicious options, ready for you to discover.


Signature Menu for one
Signature Menu for one
CHF 129.00
Signature Menu for one
Signature Menu for one
CHF 89.00
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