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Restaurant Hiša Franko at home

Restaurant Hiša Franko at home

27 June 2022 - Uqonic Chefs

Does restaurant Hiša Franko offer menus at home? Visiting Hiša Franko is a full 360-experience which guests describe as having dinner at a beautiful house. But what if you live far away and want to try MICHELIN Star chef Ana Roš’ culinary creations? We have the solution.

Ana Roš’ Restaurant: Hiša Franko**

Hiša Franko is a hidden gem located in Kobarid, situated in the beautiful Slovenian countryside. It is not just a restaurant; it is a home run by a family of food enthusiasts. Guests describe their experience as having dinner at someone’s house. It is intimate and welcoming with a hint of mystery, like visiting the Wizard of Oz.

Hiša Franko has a fascinating history and served as a hospital during WO I. It was also where Ernest Hemingway wrote his novel ‘A Farewell to Arms’.

Hiša Franko, or House Franko, is the family house of Ana’s business partner and sommelier Valter Kramar. It is closely connected to the environment and tradition of the Soča Valley where it is situated. A magical and stunningly beautiful area full of nature’s gifts like trout, venison, fruit, vegetables, wild plants and herbs. Ana uses many of these gifts in her menus.

Visitors of Hiša Franko rave about the hospitality of the staff. Many guests opt to book a room as well for the full experience. People love the surroundings and tranquillity of the house. But above all, they love the food and the outstanding flavour combinations Ana invented.

Ana buys all her ingredients locally from friends who are farmers, foragers, or fishers. She also grows her own vegetables close to the restaurant. Ana is all about capturing the flavour of Slovenia.

Do you want to experience the food from Hiša Franko and Ana Roš and her team? We highly recommend visiting this top restaurant. However, if that's not possible, Uqonic Chefs is coming to the rescue. Exclusively for Uqonic Chefs, Hiša Franko's culinary mastermind translated iconic dishes into a premium dinner box to remember. Ana Roš joined Uqonic Chefs with one amazing 7-course menu.


Uqonic Chefs tasting menus are the best way to get acquainted with the chefs’ gastronomic dinner boxes. Pick a menu from any star chef and opt for either a 5- or 3-course menu. All dishes are freshly prepared for your iconic home dining experience. The gastronomic meal delivery kits only require your finishing touch. By following the easy preparation and styling instructions you can enjoy a unique dinner at home.

Do you fancy mixing and matching your own courses à la carte, or do you prefer a special selection box? It is all up to you to decide what to order.

Uqonic Chefs offers Signature Menus that consist of courses with meat, poultry and/or fish. For vegetarians we offer plenty of delicious options, ready for you to discover.


Signature Menu for one
Signature Menu for one
CHF 109.00
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