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Ana Roš/
Cured Char

Cured Char

Cured char, pickled cabbage juice with toasted yeast

BY ANA ROŠ - The lake char is considered the queen of Slovenian alpine waters. Cured with salt, koji and served in pickled cabbage juice with toasted yeast. The flavour combination is magnificent and emphasizes the delicate char flavour.


Fish, gluten, sulfite. All dishes are prepared in kitchens where all of the 14 declared allergens are present and therefore we cannot rule out cross-contamination.

Good to know

Best to consume within 24 hours. Please pay attention and store the right items in the fridge. Please note: the precise storage in the fridge must be at max +5°C. The dishes and recipes cannot be changed on request.

More info

Char fish origin Island or CH.

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