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Glazed Veal Sweetbread with Fennel

Glazed Veal Sweetbread with Fennel

Sweetbread, spiced fennel coin, fennel salad, green oil, black garlic mayonnaise, Asian ketchup, calamansi gel, sweetbread sauce.

BY ANDREAS CAMINADA - The fried and spicy glazed veal sweetbread is accompanied by a smooth emulsion of black garlic, a powerful calfstail essence and crunchy fennel. An umami creation par excellence.


Sulphites, barley (gluten), kamut (gluten), oats (gluten), rye (gluten), spelt (gluten), wheat (gluten), celery, egg , mustard. All dishes are prepared in kitchens where all of the 14 declared allergens are present and therefore we cannot rule out cross-contamination.

Good to know

Best to consume within 24 hours. Please pay attention and store the right items in the fridge. Please note: the precise storage in the fridge must be at max +5°C. The dishes and recipes cannot be changed on request.

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Veal milk origin CH. Calf's tail origin CH.

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