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Easter dinner ideas

Easter dinner ideas

6 April 2022 - Uqonic Chefs

Easter is coming up soon and we know it is not always easy to come up with (easy) easter dinner ideas. Are you organising a feast but not sure what to make? Do you have relatives with a diverse range of dietary wishes? The ideas in this blog will help you survive and thrive this Easter.

Do you like cooking dinner or a big lunch? Perhaps you want to try preparing something yourself and go all out. Meat lovers might want to try to roast a ham or lamb. Go for a traditional recipe with fresh herbs like rosemary or spices such as cloves. You can’t go wrong with delicious hasselback potatoes next to your meat, along with sautéed asparagus or carrot mousse. For recipes, we recommend these Easter recipes.

For vegetarian Easter menu ideas, opt for roasted pumpkin with oven-roasted lentils, stuffed peppers and mashed potatoes.

The easiest way to enjoy this Easter with your loved ones is by making breakfast or brunch. This way you will spend less time in the kitchen and do not have to deal with page long recipes full of steps that may stress you out.

Do you want to serve an Easter dinner, but you don’t like cooking? Or don’t you have time to cook? We are here to help save your Easter dinner. With our gastronomic dinner meal-kits you turn your dinner in a proper festive feast.

We have spent hours in the kitchen so you will not have to. Our MICHELIN Star chefs curated wonderful menus sharing their secret culinary techniques. Do not buy countless of ingredients before you even have to begin cooking, let us serve you something special that you can impress your guests with.

Caminada - Dish - Smoked Char with Turnip
Colagreco - Dish - Vegetarian Cannelloni
Crenn - Dish - Truffle Millefeuille with Mushroom and Truffle Sauce


Let us help you prepare an Easter feast. For lunch or dinner, you can order menus from star chefs like Mauro Colagreco (based in France), Andreas Caminada (based in Switzerland), Peppe Guida (based in Italy), and Dominique Crenn (based in the United States). Normally you would have to travel to their renowned restaurants to enjoy their culinary art, but through Uqonic Chefs, their iconic dishes are just a few clicks away.

We have done most of the work, you only need to heat and plate. To make sure that your dishes look and taste as imagined by our MICHELIN Star Chefs all dishes are pre-prepared and delivered with easy-to-follow (video) instructions. This can be a great group activity while you enjoy wonderful dishes together.


Uqonic Chefs tasting menus are the best way to get acquainted with the chefs’ gastronomic dinner boxes. Pick a menu from any star chef and opt for either a 5- or 3-course menu. All dishes are freshly prepared for your iconic home dining experience. The gastronomic meal delivery kits only require your finishing touch. By following the easy preparation and styling instructions you can enjoy a unique dinner at home.

Do you fancy mixing and matching your own courses à la carte, or do you prefer a special selection box? It is all up to you to decide what to order.

Uqonic Chefs offers Signature Menus that consist of courses with meat, poultry and/or fish. For vegetarians we offer plenty of delicious options, ready for you to discover.


Green Menu for one
Green Menu for one
Green Menu for one
Green Menu for one
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